Hedwige Prosper Project

Two polders will be returned to the Scheldt: the Hedwige Polder on the Dutch side and the Prosper Polder on the Flemish side. As part of the Grenspark Groot-Saeftinghe project, brackish tidal nature – mudflats and marshes – is already the order of the day here. Read more

Doel Polder

Close to the cooling towers at Doel, southwest of the North Prosper Polder, lies the Doel Polder. In the North Doel Polder, you can spot meadow birds like the common redshank, the black-tailed godwit and the garganey duck. Soon, together with the Middle Doel Polder, it will form one united tidal area as part of Grenspark Groot-Saeftinghe. Read more

South Prosper Polder and Nieuw Arenbergpolder

To the southwest of the Doel Polder lies the South Prosper Polder – a future lakes area with islands – and the Nieuw Arenbergpolder, where brackish grasslands will soon dominate the landscape. Read more

Overzichtskaart Hedwige-Prosperproject en Doelpolder