Hedwige Prosper Project

Two polders will be returned to the Scheldt: the Hedwige Polder on the Dutch side and the Prosper Polder on the Flemish side. As part of the Grenspark Groot-Saeftinghe project, brackish tidal nature – mudflats and marshes – is already the order of the day here.

Surface area: 465 hectares (170 hectares Prosper Polder & 295 hectares Hedwige Polder)
Territory: Beveren (East Flanders) and Hulst (Zeeland)
Area type:  depoldering
Project target: tidal nature

Hedwige and Prosper Polders

Long ago, these Flemish-Dutch polders were reclaimed from the water. Now, we are giving this polder landscape back to the river in a process called depoldering. This will provide the river with extra space for flooding, which will alleviate some of the pressure upstream and prevent flooding. Levees and a fish-friendly pumping station protect the residential area beyond. Since water from the Scheldt flows into this area, mudflats and marshes will gradually develop. Valuable tidal nature which was lost, will be restored thanks to this Sigma Plan project.

View the map showing all of the measures here.