The Demer Valley

In the Demer Valley Sigma Project, we are already working on searching for the best locations to accomplish our safety, nature and recreation objectives. Furthermore, we are building on work that has already been completed by various organisations which have all been working on the valley's development for years now. Together with all the partners, we are concretising the strategy of the previous years.

Surface area:
  • along the Demer: +/- 2500 hectares (phased approach)
  • along the Laak: 383 hectares (nature reserve)
  • along the Demer: Scherpenheuvel-Zichem, Diest, Begijnendijk, Aarschot, Rotselaar and Werchter
  • along the Laak: Begijnendijk, Rotselaar and Tremelo
Measurements:  levee projects, restoration of meanders, construction of sills, natural land development

 Paddling on the Demer

In an effort to make the region safer, our goal is to construct more than 2 million m³ of extra water storage by restoring the old meanders, constructing sills to combat drought conditions and building safety levees. And by constructing small docks along the Demer, we will develop a dream route for canoes and kayaks. We will restore the landscape, which can only be a benefit for the recreational, tourism, natural and regional identity of the area. Who knows? After the restoration of the meanders, the Demer may become the ‘Semois of Flanders’. In 2017, Sport Vlaanderen opened a canoe project on the Demer. De Vlaamse Waterweg nv is also putting its oar in, so to speak, with two canoe ramps. From these ramps, small boats can glide into the water, and after a paddle, they can be pulled back onto land.

Along the Laak, we have marked out a nature reserve. No actions pertaining to the Sigma Plan will be taken there, unless climate change requires this in the future.