Building and maintaining levees

When the water level is high, the Demer Valley must be able to contain more water. Where it is possible to do so, the lowering or breaching of the levee is a necessary measure. This will allow more space for the river to flood at the appropriate places, thereby utilising the natural water storage capacity. This will allow the winter bed (the part of the river that is only under water in the winter) to be restored.

We will lower the levee at eight places along the Demer. Around the water storage areas, we will build new safety levees or we will elevate sections of the existing levee. The winter bed – the part of the river which is submerged in the winter − will be restored in certain places. This way we can create just under 2000 hectares of space for controlled water storage in the Demer Valley.

The places where we create breaches in the levee are indicated in red; the levees that we construct or the ones we increase in height are indicated in purple.