The Sigma Plan area Wijmeers is situated entirely in Berlare and consists of two parts: a flood control area (Wijmeers 1) and an area that will be depoldered (Wijmeers 2). Read more


In this flood control area with reduced tides – the first of its kind in the world after the Lippenbroek pilot project! – you will find varied tidal nature including mudflats, marshes and tidal willow forest. Read more


Paardeweide in Berlare and Wichelen serves as a flood control area. On average, this area floods once a year. It is here that the very first reed atoll, a jumble of sluices and creeks full of fish-eating birds, was built. Read more


The code word in Paardebroek is rewetting. We will increase groundwater levels so that wetlands are formed. Read more

Kalkense Meersen 

In this expansive area of wet lowlands, glistening ponds are interspersed between wet grasslands, reeds, open water and alluvial forests. Read more