The Sigma Plan area Wijmeers is situated entirely in Berlare and consists of two parts: a flood control area (Wijmeers 1) and an area that will be depoldered (Wijmeers 2). 

Surface area: 159 hectares (Wijmeers 1) en 28 hectares (Wijmeers 2)
Territory: Berlare
Area type: 
  • Wijmeers 1: flood control area
  • Wijmeers 2: depoldering
Project target: tidal nature

Common reed bunting

Common brown frog

Scarlet dragonfly

It is estimated that flood control area Wijmeers 1 will only flood once every fifty years. Flood control areas Paardeweide and Bergenmeersen will flood first, and only if these zones are filled will Wijnmeers 1 become operational. The section that is situated furthest from the Scheldt will only flood once in one hundred years. There, we have elevated the level of the groundwater, so that wetlands can develop. By way of a wide opening in the Scheldt Levee, river water can flow into the depoldered Wijmeers 2. With the rhythm of the high and low tides, authentic freshwater mudflats and marshes will develop. The most radical changes have been made at Wijmeers. The area has undergone a complete landscape make-over, and the levees have become new activity centres.